Welcome to Sprig & Stem

Candles and speciality products, hand-crafted in the Pacific Northwest.

Sustainable Packaging

Plant Based Waxes

Sprig & Stem uses eco-friendly soy and coconut waxes and natural cotton wicks in all of our products. Our wax is never tested on animals, and is formulated from materials whose refining history is fully traceable.

Candles made from plant-based waxes are cleaner burning, and result in less black soot than candles made from other materials, such as paraffin.

About Sprig & Stem

Sprig and Stem celebrates the world of plants and all they have to offer us. All products are botanically based and focused on scents that celebrate plants! Our products are lovingly hand-crafted in small batches, and contain no harmful paraffins or parabens.

Sprig & Stem is a specialty hand-craft small business founded in 2020. The owner, Jennifer, is an avid gardener and Certified Native Plant Steward in Washington state.

THIS is why you get yourself a nice natural candle - it's legit aromatherapy and the creaminess of the soy turns the room into a melty dreamland. Thanks for the goods Sprig & Stem!

Cheryl R.

The best wax melts I've ever had! Long lasting, amazing. Fabulous scents that fill my house with heavenly aroma. A must have!

Candy L.

Love Love LOVE the peach candle! I'm not into "filling the whole house with scent" so the lightness of the soy is awesome. Nice job!

Tammy H.